Long Live Rock n' Roll ♫★☾♥☀☮♪

Brooklyn, NY / 10.19.11

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Artist: The Rolling Stones

Played: 430 plays.


George Harrison, The Top Ten Club, Hamburg, 1961.

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Jimi Hendrix photographed by Petra Niemeier in London, 1967.

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Help!, 1965


Historical moment

Left: Dallas, august 1, 2011 - no quiff

Right: Austin, august 2, 2011 - one quiff

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Artist: The Doors
Album: The Very Best of the Doors [2001]
Played: 125,585 plays.


The Doors - Touch Me (1968)

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Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Album: When The Sun Goes Down (Single)
Played: 2,691 plays.


I found this on Alex’s music myspace it was entitled: Alex Turner - Settle For A Draw.

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